About Us

Cern Corporation was formed to develop and commercialize an effective, non-drug, treatment for fungal and bacterial vaginosis using low-level microbicidal light. Cern’s team includes significant scientists, clinicians as well as healthcare leaders, aligned to address a significant “Unmet Need” in women’s health focused on the treatment of yeast and bacterial vaginosis without the use of systemic drugs.

The Cern Device™ addresses a significant unmet need for an effective science-based approach, not dependent on drugs/chemistries for efficacy to aid a population unable, or have a preference to, avoid, drug-based treatments which may not be effective or appropriate based on patient condition (e.g., maternity, immunocompromised, drug-resistant, recurrent, multi-drug interactions). The device addresses a significant interest by women and clinicians to lessen the systemic intake of drugs/chemistries, which is particularly important when associated with overuse of antibiotics/antifungals while helping to avoid health issues when multiple drugs negatively interact, as well as mitigate issues associated with strains which may be resistant to drug-based standards of care.