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True Innovation in Femtech… Addressing a Significant “Unmet Need”

Microbicidal Light Treatment for Fungal and Bacterial Vaginosis…Without Drugs!
The Cern Device™: A potential breakthrough in treatment.
For those for whom drug based therapies are neither effective, appropriate, or desired!

The Solution

Introducing Microbicidal Light

“What if” there was an effective, non-drug treatment for yeast and bacterial vaginosis which
  • was effective for both fungal (yeast) & bacterial vaginosis?
  • used the scientific principles of microbicidal light to render pathogens inert?
  • avoided use of toxic, systemic drugs?
  • avoided negative drug interactions?
  • is compatible with medications?
  • avoids use of messy, inconvenient “crèmes”?
  • is appropriate for those who may be immuno-compromised?
  • is appropriate for use during pregnancy?
  • avoids harm to lactobacillus, one of the key components of a healthy microbiome?
  • may help prevent infection and STD’s?
  • could be used at home, when needed/as needed, based on familiar, recurrent symptoms?
  • promotes positive, “symbiotic” levels of essential yeast and bacteria?
  • enables a healthier life without drugs?
We believe many women and clinicians would welcome us and that’s exactly what we are doing!

*Images are computer generated demo versions. Product is still currently under development

Microbicidal Light for Yeast & Bacterial Vaginosis…
Without Systematic Antifungal Antibiotics!

Addressing a significant “Unmet Need”

Vaginal infection can be painful, and overall uncomfortable. In fact, Bacterial Vaginosis is present in as many as 21 Million women, with about 16% of them being symptomatic under a doctor’s care (source). The majority are undiagnosed, as symptoms may not be present or noticeable. The same technology is also relevant to fungal vaginitis or VVC. The CDC tracks recurrent fungal vaginitis, defined as 4 or more occurrences per year. CDC data indicates  as many as 12 Million women are recurrent under a doctor’s care, with perhaps 50% or more not responsive to treatment (source).  

Based on a National Science Foundation, I-Corp Discovery program conducted by Cern through the University of California at Irvine, Cern was made aware through interviews with physicians that many women do not wait until their fourth occurrence to seek treatment suggesting that CDC data on yeast infections, significant enough to warrant treatment by a doctor may be significantly under-reported and the potential market is significantly greater than statistics may suggest.

The same device may have the ability to be used prophylactically and may be valuable to both women who seek to become pregnant so as to help avoid issues associated with bacterial vaginosis and pregnancy.  The Cern Device™ is also relevant to so many women who are immunocompromised where conventional drug based therapies may not be desired.

Cern hopes to enable healthier, empowered lives

“What if” there was an effective, non-drug treatment for yeast and bacterial vaginosis which:

  • Uses valid, scientific principles of microbicidal light?
  • Is supported by some of the most prominent clinicians and researchers in the field?
  • Is effective for both fungal (yeast) vaginitis & bacterial vaginosis?
  • Is appropriate for those who are immuno-compromised?
  • Is appropriate for use during pregnancy?
  • Avoids use of toxic, systemic drugs? Yet compatible with?
  • Avoids negative/compound drug interactions?
  • Addresses pathogen resistance to drug based treatments?
  • Avoids use of messy, inconvenient “crèmes”?
  • Avoid harm to key bacteria such as lactobacillus?
  • Helps prevent infection and STD’s?
  • Enables feedback for better understanding of these indications through AI?

Yep…That’s what we are doing!   

The Cern Device™, upon FDA Clearance, may be available by prescription, for use at home, when needed/as needed based on familiar, recurrent symptoms.

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Meet Our Team of experts

Dr. Melanie Santos, MD

Chief Medical Officer

Hyunsook Park, PhD

Director, Microbiology​

Joanne T. Rupprecht​ Esq.


Todd Peterson, PhD

Chief Science Advisor​

Dr. Allan Akerman, MD


Dr. Jack Sobel, MD


Dr. Vern Roohk, PhD


Our Board of directors

Annette M. Walker

Board of Directors

Gregg A. Klang

CEO, President and Founder

Dr. David C. Lagrew

Board of Directors

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