Microbicidal Light Treatment For Fungal &
Bacterial Vaginosis ( Without Drugs )

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You are not alone! (CDC Data, US)

Bacterial Vaginosis:

  • >21 Million women experience BV
  • 16% Symptomatic with as many as 84% Asymptomatic

Fungal Vaginitis:

  • CDC tracks “Recurrent” as >= 4 episodes/year
  • >12 Million women are classified as “recurrent”
  • Perhaps 50% are not responsive to drug-based care

What if there were a non-drug solution based on proven science?

Cern Corporation is developing an effective, non-drug treatment for fungal and bacterial vaginosis.
The Cern Device ™ will address a significant unmet need for those, for whom drug-based standards of care are neither effective, appropriate or desired.

  • Insertable, Tampon sized, 30-60min.
  • Microbicidal light in the safe, visible spectrum.
  • Yeast and bacterial Indications.
  • Home use, as needed/when needed.
  • Targeted therapy…without drugs.
  • Avoids toxicity associated with many systemic drugs.
  • Available through prescription.

The Cern Device will be a platform for women’s health

  • Providing education.
  • Contributing to a better understanding of the epidemiology.
  • Telemedicine.