The Cern Device™

“What if” there was an effective, non-drug treatment for yeast and bacterial vaginosis which
  • was effective for both fungal (yeast) & bacterial vaginosis?
  • used the scientific principles of microbicidal light to render pathogens inert?
  • avoided use of toxic, systemic drugs?
  • avoided negative drug interactions?
  • is compatible with medications?
  • avoids use of messy, inconvenient “crèmes”?
  • is appropriate for those who may be immuno-compromised?
  • is appropriate for use during pregnancy?
  • avoids harm to lactobacillus, one of the key components of a healthy microbiome?
  • may help prevent infection and STD’s?
  • could be used at home, when needed/as needed, based on familiar, recurrent symptoms?
  • promotes positive, “symbiotic” levels of essential yeast and bacteria?
  • enables a healthier life without drugs?
We believe many women and clinicians would welcome us and that’s exactly what we are doing!

*Images are computer generated demo versions. Product is still currently under development

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CERN Device: Our Goal

Non-Drug (Rx)
Bacterial & Fungal

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Science Behind It

Mechanism of Action
Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS)

Low Level Microbicidal Light in the Visible Spectrum

  • Not UV…we operate in the safe, visible spectrum which is still microbicidal
  • Disrupt the cell’s ability to reproduce at the DNA level.
  • Effective against key pathogens associated with yeast and bacterial vaginosis.
  • The goal is not a sterile environment but to restore a balance…dysbiosis to symbiosis.
  • The Cern Device™ addresses “Dysbiosis”, where yeast or bacteria may achieve dominance over one or the other resulting in infection to “Symbiosis” where naturally occurring yeast and bacteria are present in appropriate levels.

Therapeutic Window

Our Goal: Significant reduction in pathogen
while maintaining key components of a healthy microbiome.

Gardnerella Vag.

Bacterial Vaginosis / BV

Candida Alb.

Yeast Infection

“Therapeutic Window”


“Good” Bacteria