Cern Device

The Cern Device ™

A non-drug solution for yeast and bacterial vaginosis whose mechanism of action is based on the proven, scientific principles of reactive oxygen species (ROS)

How it works

The Cern Device™ emits low level microbicidal light at specific wavelength/s, optimized to mitigate pathogen associated with yeast and or bacterial vaginosis through a process known as Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS).

Reactive Oxygen Species

Wavelengths of light which the Cern Device employs, react with the DNA of yeast and bacterial cells. Oxidative stress at the DNA level inhibits the cells’ ability to reproduce so as to promote re-establishment of a healthy, balanced microbiome, where native yeast and bacteria reside so as to facilitate symbiosis.

Use of the Device

The device, is available by way of prescription. is intended to be used at home, as needed, when needed, based on “normal and familiar” symptoms. The device will be light and comfortable, approximately the size of a small, ergonomically shaped tampon, so as to enable use during “light” activity. Therapeutic interval is based on indication with insertion time limited to 30 to 60 minutes.