Cern Corporation

Our Mission

Our Mission

Cern Corporation will address a growing population of women for whom conventional drug-based standards of care may not be effective, appropriate, or desired, to live healthier, empowered lives while potentially lessening reliance on drug based standards of care.

Our Vision

Cern Corporation will be the innovator and leader in novel therapies involving microbicidal light science for use within the lower GYN tract. The company seeks to create a brand which establishes a new category of product to address a significant interest for a science based, non-drug alternative to be known as the Cern Device™. Cern, through direct involvement of our clinicians and users, will become a “platform” for education as well as data for epidemiology.

Our Values

Your ConCern is our ConCern” relates to our focus, Addressing a significant “Gap” or “Unmet Need” in women’s health, centered around treatment of lower gynecological indications while avoiding potential complications associated with certain type of drug based care. We welcome customer/user input and feedback as we move our technology forward, providing women and clinicians a healthy, effective alternative to conventional drug-based standards of care.